Dining In Thailand

20140408075440_96819 In this article I want to talk to you about one of the best low cost business ideas that you can find anywhere on the web. This is so simple and easy to set up that everything in your body is going to tell you that it won't work. But with just a little bit of effort these simple ideas are really the best because if something is easy to understand you have the very best chance of making it work.

So the idea is based on niche marketing and I'm going to take you through the steps real quick to give you an idea of how this can work. Then send you to some resources where you can learn more.

1. The fist step is to pick an information based market that has a lot of buyers in it. You can find out this information but going onto a site called clickbank.com and seeing which products are selling the best. (We like information products because they don't cost you anything to ship.)

2. Now we need to survey the market and see what they want to buy. You can pay for hits from Google, but if you want to save some money you can start a blog and publish daily content that will attract visitors.

3. Once you have the visitors on you site you want to get them onto a mailing list by offering them something cool.

4. After a few weeks your email list will be growing and you need to send them a survey. You can find one at survey money.com. You should ask them what their biggest problem is in the market and how difficult it has been to find the answer.

business_centre_mod5. Now you want to look and all the responses and pick out 10 questions that come up most often.

6. Go onto the elance.com and hire a ghost writer to write you a book that covers those topics.

7. Now create a sales page and sell the book to your list. (Yours sales rate will be high because you are answering their most pressing questions.)

Final thoughts.

There are lots more tweaks and subtle parts to this system bit it's a very low cost business idea and its works well.

If you can master this you can create many different products and income streams.